Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals/WIP's

This year I want to finish the few things I still need to finish:

Rainbow Irish Chain: Top is done, just need to do a back and quilt it.

Eat Play Sleep quilt: back and quilt

Lindsey's bed quilt: I realize I can't handle doing a ton of this at a time so my goal is to do 2 blocks a week and finish it by her birthday in September, or earlier if that is how it works out. I only have 1 block sewn together, but almost half of the triangles needed.

Mod Mosaic- La Beeda Loca quilt: I need to sew 4 more blocks and then sew the top together.

Echo Pillows: I just need to get a neutral solid I like and sew up the pillow tops I took apart because they were too busy.

Projects I want to complete this year not started:

Custom Order- Use my DS quilt fabric for a quilt for my sister's MIL.
Little Apples-Use the jelly roll I got forever ago and sew it together. Not sure who it is for yet.
Hexa-go-go quilt with my FMF. I should just cut hexies now so I can work on them in down time.
Madrona Road quilt challenge-I still have no idea what I want to do.
Orange and blue/aqua quilt-using HR fabrics, still not sure exactly what I want to do, but this will just be a fun lap quilt.
4x5 Quilt: I need to do a couple more rounds so I am left with just blocks I like for the top :)
FFAII quilt- simple sashing, big blocks. This may be my new bed quilt if I can get the husband to agree
Commision- make a memory quilt for a friend who has collected things from her kids.
Voile Dress out of Joel Dewberry poppies.
Make Curtains for baby girl's room.

Quilts I want to make with fabric I already have:
Starpunch with my art gallery
Bed quilt with chicopee

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